About us

Resonic is the developer of a visionary and proprietary, non-destructive testing technology. Through both research and design activities we produce high performance, integrated inspection systems for manufacturers of specialty wire and automotive components in the United States. Our clients look to us for novel inspection capabilities and competitive advantages at a time of rising material costs and increased design complexity. Higher performance manufacturing demands higher performance quality control. Since founding in 2001, Resonic has been an active researcher in the field of applied Resonance Acoustic Spectroscopy or Resonance Scattering Theory. Originating from early scientific collaboration with NIST, the patented Electromagnetic Acoustic Resonance Spectroscopy technique has been refined over time for a ground-breaking deployment into the service of industrial NDT. Resonic is an excitable and diverse group of engineers and technologists based in Nevada. We share a contrarian spirit, a deep admiration for our manufacturing clients, and a conviction that NDT will help to drive the future of industrial achievement.

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